Harper Reunion 2020—COVID-19 Update

Those of us responsible for organising the reunion have discussed the current COVID 19 situation in Ireland, and its possible developments here and abroad. With this in light, we have taken the decision to postpone the reunion until the risk of spreading COVID 19 has diminished. We do not want to be a possible cause of spreading the virus and putting anyone at risk. 

This decision has saddened us and wasn’t taken lightly.  We know so many, including us, were looking forward to having the opportunity to meet up with everyone. 

Thankfully the work we have put into planning the reunion for April 2020 will not go to waste. As we will work to arrange another date in the future, passing on details once we have them, which will give us all something to look forward to. We will also organise distribution of the Harper Cookbook and update accordingly.

—The Harper Reunion Team

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