Pre-reunion meal and photo shoot

What a delicious day!

On November 10th, 2020 we had a gathering of Harpers for a pre-reunion meal and photo shoot for the Harper Family Cookbook!

Members of the Harper family serving themselves food, viewed through a doorway with the words Jehovah Shalom written above it.

We had more than 30 people hosted at Robert and Colleens in Cobbler’s Hill, Co. Kilkenny. Dishes included savoury mains like sweet and sour pork, chilli, chicken korma and a bacon and cabbage bake (which I’m looking forward to getting the recipe for!). Desserts included chocolate biscuit cake, key lime pie and sticky toffee pudding.

The food was styled and photographed by our own Patricia McGrath Harper and guest food photographer Cynthia Wong who worked tirelessly all afternoon and into the evening to get everything captured.

Patricia Harper holds a serving board with butter, soup and bread.

From the little taster (😉) we got today, this book is going to be great!

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