A Psalm for The Harpers

What started out as a joke on Facebook about someone writing a (tongue-in-cheek) Harper anthem eventually led to the writing a beautiful worship song inspired by the strong Christian faith that has remained an important part of our family. The song was written by Dave Shaw and first performed at the talent show during the 2013 Reunion. It was a big hit and was sung at the end of our Sunday morning worship service the following day.

Here is a recording of the song by Dave Shaw & Gwin Munt. Thanks to Brian Alcorn for recording and editing it.


You can also download the song here and find the lyrics printed below.

Lord, how Your mighty hand has blessed us
Your outstretched arm persistent to protect us
Whether harvest or drought
With much or without
You are in our midst
Lord, throughout the generations
You have shown Your faithfulness and patience
When our foolishness fails
Your wisdom prevails
We remember this
We thank You for Your blessings on our family
You made us and You gave us our identity
Spread across the nations
May the light of Your salvation ever burn
Bright in us
Lord, You’ve vowed You’ll never leave us
When we pray, we know that You will hear us
With our lives in Your hands
We trust in Your plans
Jesus, lead us on

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