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This is your family reunion so we want you to get involved.  We have allocated teams to take charge of various elements of the weekend e.g. the catering team, the tech team, etc. There is a list of teams below that you can join. If you’d like to get involved just contact Jill through the form at the bottom of the page.

As we are hosting an Art Exhibition we would love for you to bring along a work of art that you have created. It can be anything from pottery to a painting to a story or a multimedia piece. Maybe you’ve taken some interesting photographs or knitted some wonderful winter woolies?  Please bring along whatever you have and inform the Art Exhibition leader. Likewise if you wish to perform at the talent show please let the Talent Show leader know. You’re a talented bunch so don’t be shy!


Family Branch Reps

Samuel Harper line:

  • Gwin Munt (George)
  • Jill Harper (Bob)
  • Rosemary Hobday (Jack)
  • Stuart Harper (Bill)
  • Patricia Harper (Sam)
  • Wendy English (Victor)
  • Herbert & Jean Harper (Edith)
  • Mervyn Harper (Leonard)

Rep For Extended-Family Members

  • Jill Harper


  • Team Leader: Mary Harper


  • Team Leader: Emma Harper


  • Team Leader: Vacant


  • Team Leader: Vacant

Kids Program

  • Team Leader: Vacant

Family Tree

  • Team Leader: Gordon Harper

Creativity Exhibition

  • Team Leader: Cathriona Harper

Prayer Room

  • Team Leader: Vacant


  • Team Leader: Patricia Harper

Opening Event

  • Emma Harper

Talent Show

  • Team Leader: Gareth Alcorn


  • Graham Harper (Team Leader)
  • Brian Alcorn

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